utorak, 14. kolovoza 2012.

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Finally decided to open a dedicated blog for Stareater and to write it in English. I was delaying that until project had more to show but I've decided to stop spamming my main blog with Stareater this, Stareater that kind of posts and Blogger service likes like it more aligned to multiple blogs with few topics then a few blogs with various topics. This is first official post on this blog and posts before this one are imported from my main blog. That's why those posts are in Croatian.

Stareater galaxy map and colony view
So, what is Stareater? It's a strategy game, 4X TBS, Master of Orion wannabe. Early development was simply to implement a prototype with game mechanics with minimal user interface, to test out the idea but now I see I'll have to devote a lot more energy to GUI. After all, I don't want to make another Master of Orion III, a game that bombards with numbers but doesn't tell what they do. Stareater will be the game where player rules from high above, mostly doing macro-management decisions and moving star ships. There will be an option to do micromanagement decisions but that won't be mandatory.

More information about the project is on Google project hosting site:

Don't be alarmed by word "zvjezdojedac", it's just stareater in Croatian. Initial development was completely in Croatian, from code to user interface. Since I'm going to increase awareness about this project, I slowly adopting a "common trade language" to it.

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