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Building queue

I manged to implement building queue for colonies before real life caught up. GUI is not final, monitor I was working on was bad at displaying colors (light gray, such as window background, looks white) so I wasn't sure what the window looks like before I got a chance to work on another computer. "Under the hood" part is basically ready for accepting star system building queue.

This is how system view looks like now. Not much different from before but under the hood it's not a place holder any more. "Construction site name" panel is aware of selected body. So far this awareness is manifested only as an icon of first building in the queue. I have some ideas of what to display in place of "Construction site name" label but I'm still working out technical details. Idea is to have different name format for different types of bodies. Rock planets would be the usual star name + roman numeral such as Alpha Centaury IV for 4th planet around Alpha Centaury. For asteroids it would be something like "Asteroid belt at Alpha Centaury III" and for gas giants "Moons of Alpha Centaury VI". In both cases I'll have to support a way of injecting a text (such as a star name) in the middle of localized text entry.

Next update will come later than usual. As I said, real life got me busy so during the month I did next to nothing for the project and I got little tired from the last month. Not in a way where I lacked sleep but in a way where I've started to add stuff without the proper planning. I don't know how to describe but that makes me feel tired, as if mentally exhausted.

On the bright side, I finally managed to learn how to draw simple stuff in Inkscape. Alhough it's not on the same level as Paint.NET, it's good enough for my needs and better then any vector graphics tool I'll ever make. I've already converted a few old ship images from raster (PNG) to vector (SVG) format.

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