srijeda, 10. svibnja 2017.

Preview release v0.5.5

Another preview build is ready. Took some time, again, but a lot of new goodies got included.

Download Stareater v0.5.5

The biggest addition is diplomacy mechanic. It was described in greater detail in previous blog post so I won't repeat myself. That leaves us with a number of under the hood improvements and new technologies. My "tech tree" draft is shaping up and I'd say it's developed enough to start adding it to the game. So far I've added two out of eight technology tiers and I plan to add third by the end of v0.6. It amounted to whooping 46 entries which naturally exposed an UI issue in library :).

Which brings us to under the hood changes. Aside from fixing panel scrollbar to show more then one screen of technologies, I got around unifying "name" and "description" localization tags into one generic "lang code". Now items (technologies, ship equipment, ...) have only one localization entry and name, description and future library entry are automatically obtained by applying appropriate prefix. Debugging has also been improved by passing around a file name of the file being loaded which made it possible to print which file has incorrect format. It sounds a bit strange to not have that already but the thing with Stareater is that the code is split in two parts: game rules (core) and user interface (UI). Core should know as little as possible about the world outside of game rules and that includes file management. Ideally UI part should provide all data sources (which don't have to be files) to the core. Now the problem is that core knows when the data is wrong but UI doesn't know when core is analyzing data and which file is being read at the moment. So I made that along with data stream there is a little tag with "source info" which for now contains the file name.

Another quality of life improvement for development is inclusion of texture atlas generator to UI code. Atlas is collection of smaller images (planets, ships, stars, ...) into a single image and up until now it was generated with external tool which had to be run manually every time there was a new image for a game. Now the game can automatically add the image and let me know which ones were not prepackaged so I can run the tool before publishing a release.

Then there were bug fixes, a concurrency issue between turn processing and read only view (UI when next turn is being calculated but player can still look around the map from previous turn) was fixed. NVidia bug is hopefully fixed, I'd need somebody to confirm that. For the moment I'm using unofficial homemade OpenTK build while OpenTK maintainers are preparing the official one which should be published this weekend.

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