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Preview release v0.6.2

You got a real treat, two releases in a month! In this one organizations finally have a purpose (they give you boost in a research field) and starting technologies have a description and an in-game effect.

Download Stareater v0.6.2-alpha

In Stareater story there are multiple alternate universes and in some of them humanity tries to send manned mission to Mars on spacecraft propelled by nuclear engine (think of project Orion). For certain reason the Stareater pulls them in his pocket universe and those lucky enough to end up near habitable planet form a colony. Some of those colonists were pulled from universe where NASA launched the ship and others were from other universes where some other organization was leading the space race for Mars.

When starting a game player picks which organization has sent the people he is going to lead. Each organization brings technologies from the first level of one of the research fields which means that player will not have to pay prototyping cost for those technologies and will advance faster through that field (research cost decreases with level). For now there are 7 organizations to pick from:
  • NASA - North American Space Agency. Specializes in sociology which will allow them to grow their colonies faster and get more out of them.
  • ESA - European Space Agency. Specializes in physics which translates to more advanced weapons and impact blocking shields.
  • JAXA - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Masters of mechanics, have higher industry output and more special equipment for starships.
  • CNSA - China National Space Administration. Specializes in chemistry, meaning better mining efficiency, more advanced armor types and longer ship range.
  • SSSR - Soviet space program. Specializes in energetics which brings more advanced reactor types and impact absorbing shields.
  • ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation. Masters of mathematics who sport more advanced interstellar drives and stealth technologies.
  • UKSA - UK Space Agency. Masters of biology who can get more out of their planets and improve their habitability faster.
It's still work in progress, mind you but that's how I hope the game will play out. I could write in similar length about starting technologies but I'll save that material for later. Writing blog posts ends up taking up a lot of time. On this one I've been working for almost full week and the topic is an event from two weeks ago. And the project is about to hit a pretty talk-worthy milestone, a 1000th code commit so yeah I better start in advance :).

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