petak, 27. prosinca 2013.

Stareater v0.4.1 downloadable

Current state of the project is available for download at

Compared to the last downloadable version there are no new features (in fact stuff are missing) but the game looks completely differently. Changes are not just cosmetic, under the hood stuff are radically different too and despite of loosing a year of progress project might be over sooner. Code maintainability is greatly improved and it's much easier to develop. To make it up I promise to make better space combat, a proper 2D mini game.

Future builds will be uploaded at some other service because Google is going to kill downloads section on their project hosting service. Allegedly the download section was abused for spreading malware. I disagree with their reasoning but I have no power to change their mind. It's not their only BS move, they killed "updates" section which showed recent changes on the project and they broke user experience on GMail web interface. Something wrong is happening with Google.

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