petak, 17. siječnja 2014.

Colony details mockup

With construction logic working for both colonies and star systems it's a time to do GUI for colony and star system details. Figure above is mockup of colony details GUI. It's considerably smaller compared to previous version (before rewrite). Spending control is moved star system view,calculation details will be presented in tooltips and there are no tabs, all is on a single screen. 

Environment information is also redesigned, instead of five numbers (gravity, temperature, irradiation, atmosphere quality and density) there is one and a list of icons (in place of 8 sun icons). This also reflect the change under the hood. By default planets don't have any gravity and climate statistic but they can have traits (wrote about it in "Orbital habitation" post) and those traits can influence general environment statistic. Old environment model is basically repacked as planet traits. Good thing with new model is ease of adding more than n hardcoded environmental traits and possibility of combining one trait with another. For instance "high winds" trait my be stronger in presence of "dense atmosphere".

All of it holds true for star system details GUI.

Instead of explicit radiation stat there will be "low/medium/high radiation" traits. Compared to colony GUI it may not seam odd, but notice star system building list. Prerewrite version didn't have that.

And now, to finish the topic I'm going to plug in the real data to GUI.

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