utorak, 11. veljače 2014.


Along with implementing colony and star system details I have implemented buildings logic. First I'd like to make a difference between construction project and building. Industry points are invested to construction project which upon completion either produce a building or some other non-building effect (such as removing planets negative trait). This distinction simplifies ship construction that was hackish in previous version and allows cleaner implementation of terraforming.

Currently implemented construction projects are:
  • Colonization - increases planet's population for a turn and produces no actual building (like housing and trade goods in Master of Orion II)
  • Industrialization - produces workplaces for population, an actual buildings
Buildings such as workplaces will be destructible during bombardment (and perhaps sabotage) once it gets implemented. I also thought about indestructible "buildings" that would represent certain knowledge about the planet such as geological data that increases miner efficiency. I'll return to this idea in the future.

Next on the menu is ship design. Yay, finally!

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